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Parallel twin screw barrel

  • Counter-rotating parallel twin screw barrel

    The counter-rotating parallel twin screw barrel is offered with a diameter ranging from 45mm to 170mm and L/D ratio from 18 to 34. We have substantial experience in producing CM series parallel twin screw and barrel for famous pipe manufacturers located in the US.

     parallel twin screw and barrel

    Your advantages:

    ●  Top quality steel material to ensure best mechanical performance

    ●  More durable than HV950 hardness and Deep nitride surfaces

    ●  Customized anti-wear protections made of tungsten carbide, molybdenum and chrome.

    ●  Strict quality control management to ensure ultimate precision to make your installation more convenient and efficient.


    In most cases, you need to offer drawings of parallel twin screw barrel when you need to replace them. We can offer both mapping and drawing services but the customer needs to cover the transportation and accommodation fees. 

    parallel twin screw and barrel